Community Groups

What are community groups?

At the Oaks, we believe we were created by God not to live in isolation, but to share our lives with each other and build each other up in love through relationships with one another. We believe that through living in intentional, Christ centered community we receive the comfort of others, and through Christ we are changed in the context of these friendships.

The primary way we seek to accomplish this is through what we call our community groups. Community groups consist of smaller groups of people meeting weekly in various homes in Middletown and the surrounding communities to share life together, care for one another, discuss the sermon and serve the community around them. Every group is a little bit different, but the goal of all of our groups is to see the gospel transform our hearts and our lives in the context of community.

Community Group Schedule

Our groups meet for 10 weeks at a time in the fall, winter and spring. We call these "campaigns" because we are journeying through life with a goal of seeing advancement in our relationship with Christ and change in our lives.

FALL 2022 CAMPAIGN: September 11 - November 19

Joining a Community Group

There are currently 12 different community groups within The Oaks that meet throughout the region on various nights of the week. There are groups that meet in Middletown and the surrounding region. We are sure we can find a great group to fit with your life stage and your schedule!

If you would like to join a group, just fill out this easy form and Pastor Eric will get in touch with you! If you have any questions about our groups, please contact us.