Worship Guide 6.24.18

This week, Pastor Matt will guide us through the difficult truth of James 3:1-12.  We'll discuss the power of our words to heal and to tear down.  As we prepare to gather, here are some plans and questions to consider.

Call to Worship : Oh!  To be Loved by Jesus.
Word of Welcome
Reading of Adoration : Psalm 15:1-2
Song of Adoration : King of Glory
Prayer of Confession & Lament
Song of Confession & Lament : Let Your Blood Plead for Me
Word of Thanksgiving
Song of Thanksgivng for Assurance of Pardon Christ Crucified
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Passing of the Peace
Sermon : James 3:1-12
Song of Celebration of Communion : My All in Thee
Word of Sending & Response
Song of Sending & Response : Before the Throne
Benediction : Ephesians 1:3


Questions to Consider:

1. When you reflect upon your speech, where do you notice patterns of using words to tear down instead of to build up?  Can you notice a common theme or negative self-talk behind those words?
2.  What do you think James means when he likens the tongue to the "bits in the mouths of horses" and "small rudders" guiding ships?
3. Can you recall a word spoken to or about you that shaped the course of your life, either positively or negatively?  How can you see the reverberating effect of words in your adult life?