Worship Guide 4.29.18

This week, we'll finish our series on Gospel Renewal in the area of work.  Be sure to take some time to ponder the questions for reflection before the gathering.  We hope and pray God would begin working in you today as we prepare to gather on Sunday.

Call to Worship : All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
Word of Welcome & Adoration
Song of Adoration : Holy, Holy, Holy
Prayer of Confession and Lament
Song of Confession and Lament : Come Ye Sinners
Word of Thanksgivng for Assurance and Pardon 
Song of Thanksgiving & Offering : Before the Throne
Passing of the Peace
Song of Celebration of Communion : Your Labor is Not in Vain
Word of Sending & Response
Song of Sending & Response : It is Well

Questions to Consider:

Why should we care about work as Christians?   
How as a Christian should we choose our work?  
What are the dangers in our work and how do we protect ourselves from those dangers?
Why is finding fulfillment in our work so hard for us? 
What grace from God do you sense you need to find more motivation to work well?