Worship Guide 4.14.19

What is the heart behind our worship?  Are we primarily postured toward God when we pray, give, and sing?  Or are we out for our own fame and honor?  Jesus will walk us through the proper posture of a disciple as we study Matthew 6 together, continuing on in the Sermon on the Mount.  We hope and pray you're able to join us for a morning of worship, prayer, and fellowship!

Here's what you can expect Sunday morning:


Call to Worship : 10,000 Reasons
Word of Welcome 
Corporate Reading from Matthew 21
Corporate Prayer of Adoration
Song of Adoration : In Tenderness He Sought Me
Prayer of Confession & Lament
Song of Confession & Lament : Christ or Else I'll Die
Prayer of Assurance of Pardon
Song of Assurance of Pardon & Thanksgiving : All I Have is Yours
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Introdution to Holy Week
Passing of the Peace
Sermon : Matthew 6:1-4, 16-24
Song of Celebration of Communion : All Who are Thirsty
Prayer of Sending & Response
Song of Sending & Response : Abide with Me


Holy Week begins Sunday as we observe Palm Sunday.  We hope to equip you and your family with all you need to observe all the events of Holy Week, so we put together a family-friendly Holy Week Worship Guide, a free download.  

We're also planning two very special gatherings to celebrate our risen Jesus together: a Good Friday evensong and potluck dinner on Friday, April 19 at 6:00pm, plus two Easter Sunday services at 9:00 and 11:00am.  These events are open to all, and we will be providing physical invitations to pass out to family and friends at the end of our services this weekend.

We believe in the power of music to get the truths of the gospel into our heads and hearts throughout the week!  That's why we've created this weekly playlist containing the songs we'll be singing together this coming Sunday (it changes every week).  We also have a special Lent playlist to enjoy.  We hope these lyrics and melodies serve as support during this season of reflection and self-denial.