Worship Guide 3.8.20


This Sunday is a special one, especially for our kiddos who will be enjoying the annual Spring Forward Pajama Party.  Here's what you can expect during our gatherings:

Call to Worship : Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Reading of Adoration : Psalm 66:1-9
Song of Adoration : Praise To The Lord, The Almighty
Prayer of Confession & Lament
Song of Confession Lay It All Down
The Lord's Prayer
Song of Assurance of Pardon & Thanksgiving : The Solid Rock
Passing of the Peace
Sermon : Compassionate Exodus (Part 2) | Matthew 14:22-36
Song of Celebration of Communion & Sending: Psalm 46
Song of Celebration & Response : New Again



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THE OAKS KIDS: 32 by 3/2

Did you know that it takes 28 servants to pull off the work we do each and every week in The Oaks Kids?  That’s a lot!  We’re in need of32 new servants byMarch 2 to ensure that we fulfill our mission to equip families in treasuring, proclaiming, and growing in the gospel of Jesus.  We need adults from all stage of life (single, married, college, retirement, etc) - and you don’t have to consider yourself “great with kids”!  We need servants who are willing to check families in, teach our children, help teachers, and so much more. 

A simple way to learn more and/or sign up is to stick around for a quick 15-minute Oaks Kids 101 after each service today in the check-in room.  If you’re unable to stay today, you can 1) fill out an Oaks Kids card (in the seat back in front of you) 2) text #kids to 319-96; 3) stop by the Connect Table in the lobby after the service.  Thanks!


ROLLS BOWL | Deadline March 15

It’s that time of year again, church!  A battle royale to stock our food pantry with toilet paper to last the whole year!  Which community group will take home the victory?  Bring your donations by Sunday, March 15 to find out. Don’t forget to tally your rolls on the leader board in the lobby!


Each Wednesday morning, we'll be gathering at 6:00am for a brief (30 minute) time of prayer.  Come with your coffee and join us as we enjoy the presence of God together.



To help you prepare for our weekly gatherings, we've put together this weekly playlist containing the songs we'll be singing together this coming Sunday.  Take a listen to prime your heart and mind to worship.