Worship Guide 3.18.2018

This week, Pastor Dan will be guiding us through Matthew 25:1-13, Jesus' parable of the ten virgins.  We will be exploring what it means that Jesus will return as a "Warrior" and how His return will be like a "Wedding Feast".  Below, you'll find the plan for our liturgy.

Call to Worship : Grace Alone
Welcome Reading : Revelation 19:6-7
Song of Adoration : Holy, Holy, Holy
Invitation to Confession & Lament
Song of Confession & Lament From the Depths of Woe
Word of Assurance and Pardon
Song of Thanksgiving & Offering : How He Loves
Passing of the Peace
Sermon Text : Matthew 25:1-13
Song of Celebration of Communion : Softly and Tenderly
Word of Sending & Response
Song of Sending & Response : Psalm 62 (My Soul Finds Rest)
Benediction : May your face be radiant as you look to Jesus, our coming King and the Lover of our soul.  There is hope in the waiting.  Peace be with you.