Worship Guide 3.18.2018

This week, Pastor Dan will be guiding us through Matthew 25:1-13, Jesus' parable of the ten virgins.  We will be exploring what it means that Jesus will return as a "Warrior" and how His return will be like a "Wedding Feast".  Below, you'll find the plan for our liturgy.

Call to Worship : Grace Alone
Welcome Reading : Revelation 19:6-7
Song of Adoration : Holy, Holy, Holy
Invitation to Confession & Lament
Song of Confession & Lament From the Depths of Woe
Word of Assurance and Pardon
Song of Thanksgiving & Offering : How He Loves
Passing of the Peace
Sermon Text : Matthew 25:1-13
Song of Celebration of Communion : Softly and Tenderly
Word of Sending & Response
Song of Sending & Response : Psalm 62 (My Soul Finds Rest)
Benediction : May your face be radiant as you look to Jesus, our coming King and the Lover of our soul.  There is hope in the waiting.  Peace be with you.


Join us this Sunday at 

9:00 & 11:00 AM